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On the first weekend of each month, Project Arts Centre will publish a new work in partnership with RTÉ Culture.

Project have invited a number of artists, activists and curators with a lived experience of intersectional discrimination and disadvantage, to talk about ambitious and provocative new works, encouraging crucial dialogue around the impact of social and economic inequality.

JULY 2022

There are three people in the image. They are all smiling. They are making bread at a kitchen counter. There is a woman standing to the left wearing a black headscarf and a black dress. There is a man standing to the right of the counter wearing a baseball cap and glasses. He has short brown hair. There is a woman on the right in the foreground wearing an apron and a white t-shirt. She has short white hair and is also wearing glasses. She is pouring butter milk into a big mixing bowl. There are other ingredients on the counter in front of them.

Future Food – an artistic response to the Climate Emergency

In this fifth installment of our RTĒ Partnerships, commissioned artist Louis Haugh, and Fatima Groups United community development worker, Richie Keane, talk to Project Potential Coordinator, Cathy Coughlan, about their project Future Food, as part of the Rhizome Green Arts project.


A black and white photo of Iarlaith Ni Fheorais. Iarlaith is standing in front of a white wall, to the right of the frame. Iarlaith is a white woman, with long curly brown hair. She is wearing a tight ruched top with a spirally print with large sleeves, a pendant necklace and long earrings. She has a slight smile.

JUNE 2022
Iarlaith Ni Fheorais in conversation with Sara Greavu : Queer, Crip Curatorial Practice

MAY 2022
Negotiate by Róisín Power Hackett, Emilie Conway and Sighile Hennessy

APRIL 2022
US – A film by Dance Artist Tobi Omoteso and Social Activist Catherine Joyce.

MARCH 2022
We Will Examine by Veronica Dyas & Louis Haugh.

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