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Text reading Dublin Youth Theatre presents The Spanish Tragedy by Thomas Kyd with a drawing of the Wheel of Fortune symbol behind it is surrounded by 5 tarot cards. Clockwise from top left: 1) a young man with short dark hair and stubble stands with his right arm across his chest and his left behind his back. His face is in profile turned to the right and he is wearing a black t-shirt and trousers. The backgrounds shows a drawing of a tower on fire in black, white and shades of yellow and red. 2) A young woman with long dark hair in a high pony-tail wearing a pale blue t-shirt raises both hands to shoulder height and looks directly at the viewer. The yellow, white and dark blue background shows drawings of the 2 of pentacles symbols. 3) A young man with hair pulled back, wearing a black jacket, black top and black trousers stand looking directly at the viewer with his arms to his sides. The pale blue and yellow backgrounds shows a pentacle in a circle. 4) A young man with short light brown hair falling across his brow, in a white t-shirt looks directly at the viewer with his hands on his hips. The yellow background shows drawing of trees and pentacles. 5) A young woman with long dark hair falling over her shoulders stand with her hands behind her back, in a pink t-shirt and dark bottoms. The black, pink and grey background shows drawings of 3 swords and a cloud.

Dublin Youth Theatre presents The Spanish Tragedy

ISL interpreted performance: Friday 19 Aug, 7:30pm
Relaxed Performance: Saturday 20 August, 1pm

€12/15/20 | BOOK NOW

Witness Thomas Kyd’s classic revenge tragedy, brought to the Project Arts Centre stage in a bold contemporary production by Dublin Youth Theatre, directed by Aoife Spillane-Hinks.

Against a backdrop of warring kingdoms, two young lovers dare to steal a secret moment of forbidden tenderness. But when the murderous jealousy and ambition of powerful enemies leads to devastating violence, a grieving father is left to fight for justice for his murdered son.

Written in the late 16th century, Kyd’s play asks troubling questions that still ring true today: What is the value of justice in a system that seems designed only to protect the powerful and wealthy? What is the life of an individual worth compared to the fate of nations? And if justice is denied, is revenge the only alternative…and at what cost? Read More.

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