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A white woman in a pink dress lies across a black leather couch, her mouth is open and she has an apple in her left hand. A figure in a green-grey suit is diving into her skirt, visible only from the waist down. The figure is wearing shiny gold boots. Behind the couch, there is a red velvet curtain and plant, all on a carpeted tile floor.

Pan Pan and Gina Moxley present


Audio Described Performance and Touch Tour: Thursday 4 May, 7:30pm

2-6 May, 7:30pm
Tickets: from €16-€22

California 1964. 

A nine-year-old girl, Pammy, asks, “Mommy, did you ever go to bed with anyone besides daddy?” The child’s mother, Gloria, recently divorced and uncomfortable with her sexual desire, lies “No, honey.” 

Gloria later wrote in her diary “What was I supposed to say? Of course dear, everyone does? Oh shit.” 

This exchange became central to the 1965 films Three Approaches to Psychotherapy or The Gloria Films. The project was the idea of psychotherapist Dr Everett Shostrum, who directed and produced, enlisting three eminent psychotherapists to work with a thirty-year-old, chain-smoking, loquacious divorcee named Gloria.  

His avowed intention was to show the films to college psychology students to give them an insight into what’s usually a private process but he subsequently released the films in cinemas and on TV, betraying the privacy of the patient Gloria. 

Gloria is gloriously avenged by Gina Moxley’s irreverent, gutsy, hilariously funny, and strangely moving mash-up of punk rock, satire and yes, therapy.  

WINNER – 2019 Scotsman Fringe First Award 

WINNER – 2019 Herald Angel Award 

New York Times Critics Pick – November 2022 

Please Note: Contains sexual themes and images. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

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