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We are constantly working to try and improve our facilities to make them as accessible as possible.

Below, you can find information regarding Project Arts Centre’s Accessibility, including:

– Your journey to Project
– Building Access
– Accessible Performances
– Information on Project’s ongoing access programme

If you require any further information or assistance for your visit, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 01 8819 613.

If you have any suggestions as to how we could improve please let us know by contacting our Project Potential Coordinator at We welcome your feedback.

Big Blue Badge

Call out for participants.

At Project Arts Centre we are having an ongoing conversation with people who have a lived experience of disability, and/or chronic illness, as we try to improve access throughout all areas of the organisation. 

The Big Blue Badge is a personalized access pass and booking system that we are aiming to pilot in 2023. We are looking for 20 people, who are familiar with Project and what we offer, to be the first Big Blue Badge recipients, as we roll out this new initiative. 

To find out more, click here.

Your Journey to Project Arts Centre

An accessible parking bay is available approximately 100metres away, across the street, directly outside the Clarence Hotel.

Wheelchair Access
Project Arts Centre is completely accessible for wheelchair users. Please note that outside the building there is wide footpath, the road and surrounding streets have a cobblestone surface.

Please Note:
We are in the process of developing a social narrative that will give a more detailed description of the journey to Project Arts Centre. We’ll be updating this page soon, but if you have any queries in the meantime please contact or call 01 8819 613.

Building Access

Wheelchair Access
Project Arts Centre is completely accessible for wheelchair users. Please note that outside the building there is wide footpath, the road and surrounding streets have a cobblestone surface. The entrance to our building has an automated access door and both of our performance spaces have the facility for wheelchair spaces. Please advise our box office team when booking or leave a comment at checkout on your online order if you require a wheelchair seat or have any specific requirements.

Guide Dogs
Guide dogs are permitted to performances, please advise our box office if you intend to attend with a guide dog. Water can be made available for guide dogs.

Early Entry
If you would like early entry to the auditorium please let a member of our box office team know at least 30 minutes before the show so that we can accommodate you.

Strobe Lighting
Please be aware that some of our performances contain flashing lights and strobe lighting. This information will be outlined on all of our performance listings, please contact box office if you require further information.

Sensory Tool Kit

We are slowly creating a Sensory Tool Kit for Project Arts Centre. We have a range of ear defenders and disposable ear plugs available for kids and adults at box office. Our aim is to add to this tool kit over time. If there are sensory adaptations that you need to make, in order to have a more enjoyable experience at Project, please get in touch with Cathy at 

The contains the following:

  • Ear defenders for adults & kids 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Disposable earplugs 
  • Tactile Fidget Toys
  • Colouring equipment 
  • Blankets & cushions
  • Heat packs
  • Essential oils 
  • Nose clips 

Virtual Tour & Social Narrative : Welcome to our Project Arts Centre virtual tour!
When you visit Project in Temple Bar, Dublin, this is what you can expect when you arrive.

Find our Social Narrative PDF here for a guide through the building

Find our Backstage Social Narrative PDF here for a guide through Project’s backstage areas.

If there is anything else you would like to know or see, please don’t hesitate to contact our Project Potential Coordinator at

Accessible Performances

At Project Arts Centre, we aim to provide a wide-range of accessible performances including Audio Description, ISL, Captioning, Relaxed Performances, Touch Tours and a Hearing Loop System.

– For details on upcoming Accessible Performances, please click here.

Audio Description
Audio Description for live performance is a live verbal commentary providing information on the visual elements of a production as it unfolds, from sets, props and costumes to actors’ facial expressions and movements across the stage. Audio-described performances are available on certain performances throughout the year.

Irish Sign Language (ISL)
Irish Sign Language (ISL) is the sign language used in the Republic of Ireland. The language makes use of space and involves movement of the hands, body, face and head. A sign language interpreter interprets what a person says or signs simultaneously, or immediately afterwards.

Induction loops
Induction loops and infrared systems enable people with hearing aids to receive amplified sounds from within a specific area directly into their hearing device, without interference from background noise being amplified too. Our two performance spaces are also fitted with a hearing loop system to assist those with hearing impairment.

Captioning gives deaf and hard of hearing people access to live performances and screenings. It is similar to television and film subtitling. Captioning converts the spoken word into text, which is displayed on one or more caption units situated on, above or next to the stage.

Relaxed Performances
Relaxed Performances are specifically designed to welcome people who will benefit from a more relaxed performance environment, including people with an Autism Spectrum Condition, sensory and communication disorders, or a learning disability. They also benefit people with hidden disabilities and people who require a more flexible environment.

Information on Project’s ongoing access programme

Project Potential is the new home for Access & Engagement work at Project Arts Centre.  We are committed to finding the time and resources to prioritise inclusivity and to take the action needed to make Project Arts Centre an accessible space for everyone.

Find out more about this work with Project Potential here.

If you have wider queries, comments or suggestions regarding Project’s accessibility policy and practice, please contact

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