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Project was delighted to welcome participants from the RADE recovery programme as part of a 2023 partnership through the Project Potential programme.   

RADE participants performed a work in progress of Apartment Block C by Liam Wilson Smyth in collaboration with participants, to a small invited audience at Project Arts Centre, during their Cube residency.   

RADE is an arts-based recovery service and CE scheme in Dublin 8.  

Apartment Block C was devised during a 10-week series of workshops at RADE in which Liam Wilson developed a script in collaboration with RADE participants and introduced them to the craft of Theatre.  

During a post-show feedback session, one RADE participant commented on how they felt as a result of taking part in the process:  ‘I took drugs to feel confident and looked outside myself to feel good, but through RADE I have found an alternative and have discovered that I am good from the inside.  There are other avenues out there and RADE is one of them.  I can express myself authentically and hold my head high as I walk down the road’.  Participant (Anonymous)  

“We were delighted to be invited by Project Arts Centre to spend this residency day in the Cube, providing participants with an invaluable opportunity to work and perform in a professional theatre space. The whole Project team gave RADE a magnificent welcome. One day in the theatre and we could feel its magic.’ Gill McCaw – Project Director

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