Live Collision International Festival 2022 at Project

Live Collision International Festival returns in 2022 celebrating ‘liveness’; embracing the proximity of live performance and inviting audiences to share space, time and environment. Together we’ll explore formal and informal spaces while the festival programme asks us to gather around ideas, provocations and imaginations. LCIF2022 artists and artworks excavate with urgency topics such as class, race, rhetoric, migration, mental health, feminism, identity, gender, sexuality, access, equality and displacement. We invite you to bask in the meditative chant of live performance, to contemplate, to escape, to lose yourself and to uplift your heart in a frenzy of shared festival experiences.

Live Collision International Festival is an annual curated festival of Live Art presenting some of the most groundbreaking artists of our time, alongside new voices and the next generation of makers from Europe, the UK and Ireland with exceptional work across performance and digital platforms. 

Live Collision is funded by the Arts Council’s Festivals Investment Scheme and Dublin City Council Arts Office.

Visit the full Live Collision programme here.

Image Credit: Goldmoth Media

How To Do Things With Non-Words by Harun Morrison 
27-30 April | All Day | Free | Project Foyer

“Speech-therapists use non-words as a diagnostic tool to gauge language skills (especially phonetic decoding ability). Non-words follow the typical structure of a word in a given language, but do not exist. The person being tested cannot rely on pre-familiarity and other social factors…”

Experience Harun Morrison’s audio and text installation in the Project Foyer

House of Origin by Origins Eile
27-30 April | All Day | Free | Project Foyer

A new multimedia body of research into Ballroom culture and the possibilities of Ballroom for Black queer community building and gender euphoria in an Irish context.

House of Origin includes a new video project, recorded interviews with some of the icons of Ballroom, voicenote responses submitted by our queer Black community here in Ireland and written research gathered and written by Origins Eile.

Coney Island Dodgems – research and development by Owen Boss (ANU)
27-30 April | All Day | Free to Access Online
Daily Outputs to be Published Here

Owen Boss will be conducting research and conversations focusing on the sound system and dance floor as a delivery vehicle of culture, thought and alternative political ideology. 

Acting as a conduit for conversation and passion around music and the dancefloor as a culturally charged political space, tune in to read his daily outputs.

The Examination by Brokentalkers
26-30 April  | 7:30pm | €18/€22
28 April: Audio Description & ISL Performances
27 April: Post Show Discussion

The Examination is the award-winning production by Brokentalkers exploring mental health and human rights in the prison system. Performed by Brokentalkers’ Gary Keegan and stand-up comedian and former prisoner Willie White.

Object Permanence by Kat Hawkins
28 April  | 6:30pm | €8/€5

Object Permanence is Kat Hawkins’ first solo dance presentation that asks questions about the time it takes to do things. Building a landscape of cripness, Kat takes us intimately into the relationship between the disabled body and assistive devices, revealing a world of joy, companionship and sensuality. Working with different physicalities, Kat reframes the relationship to their assistive devices, bringing care, aggression and ecstasy into movement. 

The Making of Pinocchio by Cade & MacAskill
28 April | 9pm | €10 | Captioned
Audio Described Version Available

A Welcome to The Making of Pinocchio! – an up-close behind the scenes look at the quest to make Pinocchio the perfectly imperfect trans masc narrative of our times.

Enter a world of wildly queer utopic imaginings, conjured in a click and lock landscape where everything can change, and everything can connect.

Viscera by BheBhe&Davies
29-30 April | Playing at Intervals from 4-6pm | €5
Captioned Bookings Available

Viscera explores how we conceal, harness and perform our emotions. In this film, Bhebhe&Davies use choreography, sound and text to interrogate the slippery nature of how we express our feelings, with a particular focus on rage and its limits.

Viscera is shaped by activist, anti-racist and feminist writing, gestures drawn from competitive sports and visceral human experiences.

Solas by Maïa Nunes
29 April | 9pm | €15 / 10

Solas visually and aurally explores our relationship to light both internally, interpersonally and environmentally. The work will warm and enliven, burn and clear, illuminate and ask; how can we embrace the process of illumination when it sheds light on that which has long been hiding in the shadows? 

30 April | 9pm | €15 / 10

ALYXIS introduces us to XOIOXO the digital ecosystem in which ALYXIS resides. A moldable world that we can connect to. Modular particle clouds hold up bodies, tethering and consuming them. The energy you bring, in whatever form, is transformed to continue.

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