Festival / Music / Performance / 30-30 April 2022


Show Time: 9pm | 45 mins

ALYXIS introduces us to XOIOXO the digital ecosystem in which ALYXIS resides. A moldable world that we can connect to. Modular particle clouds hold up bodies, tethering and consuming them. The energy you bring, in whatever form, is transformed to continue.

Dublin based multidisciplinary artist ALYXIS, premiered their debut EP ‘RUSH’ through FACT MAG in April 2021. ALYXIS will be releasing new music in April and May 2022 delving deeper into their world.


Duration: 45 mins

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“Breathtaking visuals” KALTBLUT

“‘Rush’ is an ornate and theatrical foray into sample-heavy synth pop, with ALYXIS ethereal vocals tempering an urgent, hiccuping instrumental”. – FACT MAG 

“Transendentiant electronic” DIAxDEM


Live Collision is funded by the Arts Council’s Festivals Investment Scheme and Dublin City Council Arts Office.

Project Arts Centre is proud to be supported by the Arts Council Ireland and Dublin City Council.


Suitable: 16+

Warning: Loud sound and flashing lights

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