Mid-way Evaluation – Towards Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (TEDI)

Project Arts Centre would like to recruit the services of an experienced evaluator to design and deliver a mid-way evaluation of the policy Towards Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

This document describes  

  • the background to the policy  
  • the scope of the work involved  
  • a proposed timeframe  
  • the budget for the work 
  • how to apply   

The TEDI policy document can be found at: TEDI Policy_website.pdf 

The background to the policy  

The policy was developed in recognition of the discrimination often experienced by artists, audiences and arts workers in terms of age, civil status, disability, family status, gender, membership of the Traveller community, race, religious belief, sexual orientation, and socio-economic background.  It was also in recognition of the significant work we needed to do in our organisation to ensure it becomes truly reflective of contemporary Ireland. 

The TEDI policy was largely shaped by a series of recommendations made by an Advisory Panel, established in March 2021. From the outset, the Panel members were asked to give particular consideration to four priority areas, and to facilitate focus group discussions in these areas.  They were: Sexuality and Gender Diversity; Disability; Socio-Economic Background; and Cultural Diversity.  The policy confirmed Project’s commitment to becoming a more equitable, diverse and inclusive space (both physically and conceptually), with an increasingly transparent structure and a wider breadth of partnerships and connections.  

The policy was not conceived of as an end in itself; rather a rolling commitment to important work which would be threaded through all aspects of the organisation. In order to ensure the effective implementation of the policy, we have developed clear plans for monitoring and evaluating progress including a mid-way evaluation. 

The aim of the evaluation is not just to look at what has or has not been achieved so far in the rollout of TEDI, but to consider gaps or omissions, and to listen to ideas and observations of artists, audiences and communities who would like to help shape progress over the next few years.  

The Scope of the work involved 

Project would like to recruit an experienced Evaluator who would finalise the design of the evaluation process with the Project team.  The process would involve plans for focus group sessions and other forms of feedback and discussion with: 

  • Some members of the Advisory Group who helped shaped the original policy 
  • A wider cohort of artists and audiences 
  • Local communities of interest and of place 
  • Board members 
  • Staff 
  • Other individuals/ organisations who are stakeholders including funders 

We would also like the evaluator to review the data we have available and design an element of quantitative analysis for inclusion in the evaluation report. 

The Proposed Timeframe 

Ideally, the design process will be finalised by end of April and the focus groups and other feedback mechanisms will take place between May and the end of June.  We will need a report and an executive summary of a report delivered by early August at the latest.  Project will look at other means of dissemination of this report in different formats to ensure it is accessible. 

The Budget for the Work 

The budget for the evaluator’s fee is: €6,000.  There is no other budget available for the Evaluator’s expenses.   

Project will also have a maximum of €1500 to pay individual artists who take part in focus groups. 

Costs for design and dissemination of the report including accessible formats will be covered by Project.  

How to apply 

Please provide: 

  • a letter demonstrating your suitability for this work including: 
  • your interest, experience and skills in evaluation 
  • your experience of working with under-represented/ marginalised groups 
  • addressing gaps in quantitative data 
  • an up to date CV 

Send your documents to jobs@projectartscentre.ie  for the attention of Orla Moloney  

Deadline: Sunday 7 April 

Project would particularly welcome applications from candidates coming from a diversity of national, ethnic or cultural groups (including, but not limited to Asian, Black, Traveller and minority ethnic, refugees, people with disabilities, working-class and LGBTQI+ artists).  

A captioned audio recording of this application pack is available on our website along with an ISL video. 

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