Festival / Live Art / Music / Performance / 29-29 April 2022

Solas by Maïa Nunes

Show Time: 9pm | 45 mins

Solas visually and aurally explores our relationship to light both internally, interpersonally and environmentally. The work will warm and enliven, burn and clear, illuminate and ask; how can we embrace the process of illumination when it sheds light on that which has long been hiding in the shadows? 

Solas is the second orbit in a new series of immersive and experimental performance works by Maïa, exploring, responding to, and channeling the Sun. These are light offerings. Integrating original sound design and musical composition, with live instrumentation and vocal improvisation to create sonic environments that explore the relationship between sound and the sun as vital sources, creative and healing forces. 



Duration: 45 mins

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Created and performed by Maïa Nunes
Composition in collaboration with Rory White
Costume in collaboration with Stephanie Johnson
Spatial Sound Design by Simon Cullen
Produced by Tilly Taylor

With thanks to the team at Live Collision


“I am an emerging interdisciplinary visual & performance artist of Irish & Trinidadian descent & co-founder of Origins Eile.

My performance work probes the intersection between visual art, music & social practice. I merge textiles, movement, sound, and written text to explore legacies of colonial violence. I am interested in the transformative potential of performance, and the possibilities for practicing and thereby accessing liberation. I create immersive sound environments and visual textural sensory experiences, through an improvisational and responsive interdisciplinary practice.

More personally, I am Queer NonBinary & Black Biracial artist, performer, poet, singer, podcaster,  textile artist, illustrator, producer, performer, community organiser.  My practice has many different strands that I draw on & interweave. I like to read, I love to move, I meditate, I feel deeply connected to the ocean and the sun, I am learning to be more playful, I am learning to listen better.

Ancestrally, both my parents were born and bred in Trinidad & Tobago; Portuguese / Irish on one side, Black or Afro-Trini on the other.  I grew up in Ireland but I spent some of my early childhood and most of my summers in Trinidad & Tobago and recently lived there for nearly 2 years as an adult- I have a deep sense of love and connection to the place. My heritage shapes who I am, which in turn shapes my work, frames much of my research and defines my practice. 

Given the violent colonial histories of both Trinidad & Ireland,  my practice is about finding pathways to liberation both personally and collectively.  I am particularly interested in using song as a critical access point into both personal and political dialogue because of its relationship to Black liberation and Irish resistance movements and diasporic modes of cultural preservation and connection.  I am interested in exploring sound & performance as a portal, as time-travel, as antidote & medicine, as a resting place, as liberation.” – Maïa Nunes


Live Collision is funded by the Arts Council’s Festivals Investment Scheme and Dublin City Council Arts Office.

Project Arts Centre is proud to be supported by the Arts Council Ireland and Dublin City Council.


Warning: loud sound / intense light

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