Festival / Installation / Virtual Events / 27-30 April 2022

House of Origin by Origins Eile

Show Time: All Day in the Project Foyer

The foundation of this house is the history of Ballroom. In to the restrictive framework of gender-based and racial oppression, poured the versatility of Black queer people, pooling in the spaces where white folk weren’t looking. 

In the “cracks” in society, a new kind of groundwork was laid; the kind that endures, the kind that saves lives. 

So adaptable and sturdy that the stiff beams of oppression could finally be removed, and the House could stand on its own. 

In its current form, House of Origin is a multimedia body of research into Ballroom culture and the possibilities of Ballroom for Black queer community building and gender euphoria in an Irish context.

House of Origin includes a new video project, recorded interviews with some of the icons of Ballroom, voicenote responses submitted by our queer Black community here in Ireland and written research gathered and written by Origins Eile. 

It is their hope that by engaging with this research, new pathways are discovered for our Black readers to authentically express themselves. 

So please join us on our website this Live Collision International Festival, to read about Blackness, Queerness and immerse yourself in the world of Ballroom.


Website installation on a screen.

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Cast: Jhonnie RICHARD Tiberius Osagie  CamiVideographer, Web designer and Editor: Sal Stapleton Assistant Producer: Renn Miano Head Producer:Zana Mist Research:Maïa Nunes Revision:Felicia Olusanya Tapestry:Pierre-Antoine Vettorello


Origins Eile (OE) is an artist led curatorial collective for queer Black people & people of colour (QTIBPOC) based in Dublin co-founded by artist Karen Miano and Maïa Nunes. OE is dedicated to creating space, visibility and support for POC in Ireland with an emphasis on the safety and celebration of queer Black people & People of Colour (QTIBPOC). OE is an arts & community focused group that organise events, discussions, workshops and more. They are rigorous and self-critical in their aspirations and are open to growing and expanding into whatever the community needs.


A Live Collision Festival commission, funded by The Arts Council.

Live Collision is funded by the Arts Council’s Festivals Investment Scheme and Dublin City Council Arts Office.

Project Arts Centre is proud to be supported by the Arts Council Ireland and Dublin City Council.

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