Dance / Festival / 12-12 July 2022

Dancer from the Dance Festival : Gathering One

Tickets: €18 | €14

Early Bird offer until 8 July: €16/€12

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View the full Dancer From The Dance Festival programme here.

Show Time: 7:30pm (75 mins)

John Scott’s Irish Modern Dance Theatre [IMDT] reboots the company’s annual Dancer From The Dance: Festival of Irish Choreography back to a live setting, gathering the best International and Irish choreographers, teachers, performers, filmmakers in dance, to celebrate all that identifies ‘Irishness’ through the medium of dance.

Gathering One is a mixed bill featuring rising and returning choreographers featuring a blend of dance genres and styles. Choreographers include Ali Clarke, Darrah Carr Dance, Gearóid Solan, Ghaliah Conroy, Kate Wilson/Undercurrent and Sibéal Davitt.


Darrah Carr Dance in Melange 445
Darrah Carr is a Bessie-Award nominated professional Irish dance company that specializes in ModERIN – a unique blend of traditional Irish step and contemporary modern dance. She will be performing a playful and quirky rhythmic display of lightning-fast footwork and body percussion entitled Melange 445.

Gearóid Solan in Diaspora
Diaspora investigates feelings of being alone in a foreign place – adapting to its culture, language, and social norms, while trying to retain a sense of one’s national identity and individuality.

Ghaliah Conroy in Vessels, NO MORE
In this excerpt of “Vessels, NO MORE” we see a Black body onstage exploring the idea and feeling of being trapped, physically and emotionally.

Sibéal Davitt in Sexy Sean-nós
Blurring the lines between traditional and contemporary, Sexy Sean-Nós will have you dancing in your seat and rethinking your relationship with Irish dance. 

Ali Clarke in Multitude: Future Memories
As a part of the Multitudes series, Ali Clarke takes a nostalgic trip through kitchen past, exploring themes of new beginnings and coming of age in Multitudes: Future Memories.

Kate Wilson/Undercurrent in Unearth
Created in the context of the current health and environmental crisis, Unearth is an invitation to find strength in connection. It weaves dance and narrative in a journey of gentle support and empowerment, finding joy and strength in our differences, and power, in our collective connection to earth.


You can find the latest information about Project’s accessibility here. Please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 01 8819 613.


Curator: John Scott
Producer: Carla Fazio
Production Director: Síofra Nic Liam
Financial Manager: David McConnell
Press Officer: Conleth Teevan
Social Media: YesMan Media
Graphic Art: Form
Design Intern: Chloe Selavka and Jordyn Lowe

Darrah Carr Dance in Melange 445
Gearóid Solan in Diaspora
Ghaliah Conroy in Vessels, NO MORE
Sibéal Davitt in Sexy Sean-nós
Ali Clarke in Multitude: Future Memories
Kate Wilson/Undercurrent in Unearth


“Launched in 2019, Scott’s personal crusade to promote Irish choreographers on the global stage began as a labour of love to challenge limiting, confused, and often negative notions about Irish choreography and identity… the festival’s growth over the past three years has been staggering… Scott’s determination has this year’s festival shining a light on some of our finest choreographers, and dance film makers, positioned as part of a global practice and historic tradition, commanding form and space with the very best. [The Festival suggests] “that Irish choreography, like being Irish, like dance itself, and dance on film, is everything you thought it was and everything you thought it wasn’t. And lots in between you never thought possible or never thought of at all. Shaping identity, and dance, well into the future.” Chris O’Rourke, The Arts Review, July 2021


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