Dance / Festival / 14-14 July 2022

Dancer from the Dance Festival : Gathering Three

Tickets: €18 | €14

Early Bird offer until 8 July: €16/€12

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Show Time: 7:30pm (75 mins)

John Scott’s Irish Modern Dance Theatre [IMDT] reboots the company’s annual Dancer From The Dance: Festival of Irish Choreography back to a live setting, gathering the best International and Irish choreographers, teachers, performers, filmmakers in dance, to celebrate all that identifies ‘Irishness’ through the medium of dance.

Gathering Three is a mixed bill featuring various genres and styles of dance. Choreographers include Gearóid Solan, Simone O’Toole, Millie Daniel-Dempsey, Favour Odusola, and films by Keira Martin and Laura Macken.


Gearóid Solan in Diaspora
This piece investigates feelings of being alone in a foreign place – adapting to its culture, language, and social norms while trying to retain a sense of one’s national identity and individuality.

Keira Martin’s Familiar Struggle (film)
A film collaboration with Wayne Sables choreographed and performed by Keira Martin. A woman with an ancient heart, ancient tears, ancient struggle, and ancient fears. Born in Barnsley with an underdog mentality, taught to work hard to achieve. And always to keep a firm grasp on reality and her feet firmly rooted. She adopted oppression from a long line of ancestry which is still alive
bubbling in her blood and her bones. Despite this she continues to strive on living her life, building communities and a sense of belonging.

Honey & Lemon in DOUBLE ACT
Double Act is a two-woman show that celebrates friendship, solidarity, red lipstick, and wind machines – join Honey & Lemon as they raise a glass to female entertainers across the centuries

Simone O’Toole in Unteathered
A dance piece of 3 strong female dancers fighting against a relentless track, enlightening us as to how resilient and striking the women around us truly are.

Laura Macken’s The Ballet Hold (film)
The Ballet Hold is set in a studio: a space often thought of as a creative space where the dance comes into being. A Degas painting sets such a scene, but what is happening when we take a closer look. Using this era as a lens, The Ballet Hold is about the interactions between dancers, the dancer and the impresario, the director, the choreographer, and… the bystanders. Through this new work, we see beauty and glamour as it masks the exploitation and objectification of females as it relates to current and ongoing events.


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Curator: John Scott
Producer: Carla Fazio
Production Director: Síofra Nic Liam
Financial Manager: David McConnell
Press Officer: Conleth Teevan
Social Media: YesMan Media
Graphic Art: Form
Design Intern: Chloe Selavka and Jordyn Lowe

Gearóid Solan in Diaspora
Keira Martin’s Familiar Struggle
Millie Daniel Dempsey in DOUBLE ACT
Simone O’Toole in Unteathered
Laura Macken’s The Ballet Hold (film)


“Launched in 2019, Scott’s personal crusade to promote Irish choreographers on the global stage began as a labour of love to challenge limiting, confused, and often negative notions about Irish choreography and identity… the festival’s growth over the past three years has been staggering… Scott’s determination has this year’s festival shining a light on some of our finest choreographers, and dance film makers, positioned as part of a global practice and historic tradition, commanding form and space with the very best. [The Festival suggests] “that Irish choreography, like being Irish, like dance itself, and dance on film, is everything you thought it was and everything you thought it wasn’t. And lots in between you never thought possible or never thought of at all. Shaping identity, and dance, well into the future.” Chris O’Rourke, The Arts Review, July 2021


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