Dance / Festival / 11-14 July 2022

Dancer from the Dance Festival of Irish Choreography 2022

Tickets: €5 - €18

Book a ticket for Gathering One, Two and Three for €45 | €33

Show Time: Various

John Scott’s Irish Modern Dance Theatre reboots the company’s annual Dancer From The Dance: Festival of Irish Choreography back to a live setting, gathering the best International and Irish choreographers, teachers, performers, filmmakers in dance, to celebrate all that identifies ‘Irishness’ through the medium of dance.

Check out the full line-up below.

DFTD Festival Talk : Roots and Traces: What it means to be an Irish dancer
11 July, 5:00PM | €5 (includes refreshments)

Join us on Monday evening for an in depth look at what it means to be an Irish dancer in the contemporary dance world. Read more

A colored landscape photo of Sibéal Davitt performing an excerpt from her piece Minseach. She is wearing a pink tank top and black fitted pants. She is barefoot and surrounded by piles of black tinsel on a stage with a light purple backdrop. There is a small microphone in front of her along with a row of lights, whose backs face the camera, and she is on her hands and knees holding herself up. Her hair is back and there is a sheen of sweat on her forehead as she stares intently out to the right of the camera, looking afraid with a shadow across the right side of her face. The right side of her body is slightly more forward than the left side of her body like she is crawling towards or away from something.

DFTD Festival: Gathering One
12 July, 7:30pm | €18/14

A mixed bill featuring rising and returning choreographers featuring a blend of dance genres and styles. Read more.

A colored landscape of Tobi Balogun in his piece Ara. Tobi has a deep skin tone with short, dark brown dreadlocks. His entire body is photographed, and he is wearing black pants and a black shirt with a reddish-brown hip-length jacket. His body is facing forward with his head turned to the left. He is next to a traffic light on the edge of the sidewalk. One leg is carrying his weight. The other is bent with his foot behind the other leg. Both arms are extended out with his palms facing forward. His right arm is vertical and his left is horizontal.

DFTD Festival : Gathering Two
13 July, 7:30pm | €18/14
Followed by post show discussion

Gathering Two is a mixed bill featuring an eclectic mix of choreographers. Read more.

A colored portrait photo of Favour Odusola jumping outdoors on a bridge. He has dark brown skin, long black dreadlocks, and a black short beard. He is wearing a black shirt with a red and grey light long sleeve jacket over it, and a pair of navy-colored slacks. His shoes are mostly black with two accents of red on his shoes. He wears a few bracelets on his wrists and an electronic watch, and a pair of black sunglasses covering his eyes. He is directly facing the camera, jumped in a cross-legged position a few feet above the bridge with his arms flung out on either side of him and slightly behind him with his hands facing his body like he is holding something. His left ankle is crossed over his right ankle, and his knees are bent and nearly touching his chest as his torso is bent over his body. His head faces the camera and his hair is carried by the momentum of his jump and is sticking up above him in the air. Behind him, the sky is blue with a few clouds spotting the background and the bridge he is jumping on is grey with silver rails on either side. Behind him lower in the picture is a large glass building.

14 July, 5:30pm | €12/10

An evening of works in progress from emerging choreographers. Read More.

In this photograph, a muscular man jumps in the air with his left arm reaching upwards and right arm reaching sideways. His right leg is reaching sideways behind him and his left leg is bent at the knee with his left foot extending past his right thigh. He is wearing close fitting shorts.

DFTD Festival : Gathering Three
14 July, 7:30pm | €18/14

Gathering Three is a mixed bill featuring various genres and styles of dance. Read more.


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Curator: John Scott
Producer: Carla Fazio
Production Director: Síofra Nic Liam
Financial Manager: David McConnell
Press Officer: Conleth Teevan
Social Media: YesMan Media
Graphic Art: Form
Design Intern: Chloe Selavka and Jordyn Lowe

Image Credit
Honey & Lemon
Photographer: Kevin Newcomen



“Launched in 2019, Scott’s personal crusade to promote Irish choreographers on the global stage began as a labour of love to challenge limiting, confused, and often negative notions about Irish choreography and identity… the festival’s growth over the past three years has been staggering… Scott’s determination has this year’s festival shining a light on some of our finest choreographers, and dance film makers, positioned as part of a global practice and historic tradition, commanding form and space with the very best. [The Festival suggests] “that Irish choreography, like being Irish, like dance itself, and dance on film, is everything you thought it was and everything you thought it wasn’t. And lots in between you never thought possible or never thought of at all. Shaping identity, and dance, well into the future.” Chris O’Rourke, The Arts Review, July 2021


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