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Flikkers – Queer Spaces, Queer Utopias

Festival / Talks and Readings / 13 May 2022 Free Ticketed Space Upstairs & Online | Bealtaine Festival
Chaired by Hannah Tiernan researcher, writer, visual artist and Assistant Editor GCN with contributors: David Carroll – Irish Research Council ...
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Ireland’s Housing Crisis – Public Housing the Solution

Exhibitions / Festival / Talks and Readings / Vis Art / 09 May 2022 Free - Ticketed Space Upstairs | James Connolly Festival | Clear Away the Rubble Public Programme
As the housing crisis rages on across Ireland, we invite speakers from political parties and academia to discuss public housing as the solution to a problem appearing to have no end in sight under the current political strictures
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/ 03 May 2022 - 07 May 2022 €18/16/14 Space Upstairs
Mark has competed in the World Games, played King Lear before, packed houses and packed bags for 20 years in ...
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To Make A Mark

Film / 04 May 2022 - 07 May 2022 Free, no booking required Cube
To Make A Mark is an exhibition of digital work curated by Run of the Mill and Project Arts Centre, ...
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Viscera by BheBhe&Davies

Film / Installation / 29 Apr 2022 - 30 Apr 2022 €5 Cube | Live Collision International Festival
Viscera explores how we conceal, harness and perform our emotions. In this film, Bhebhe&Davies use choreography, sound and text to ...
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