Festival / 28 September - 15 October 2022

Dublin Theatre Festival 2022

Live performance and cultural experiences play a key role in the city’s recovery and continued growth and DTF 2022 is proud to present a fully live, in person programme of work across Dublin this autumn. Experience the thrill and intimacy of live theatre, together, in person.

As well as the words of brilliant writers, the festival has a strong emphasis on movement and bodies, affirming the power of coming together.

While continuing its vital role of presenting new and urgent Irish work, the 2022 Festival also features a strong international showing, welcoming artists from the UK, Brazil, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Italy and France to Ireland. Due to restrictions over the past 2 years the Festival has not able to invite international work of scale, so this year the team was determined to restore the level of international presentations. This dialogue between Ireland’s vibrant theatre culture and international practice is a key part of DTF.

Dublin Theatre Festival really wants to offer something for everybody and the team have been working on ways to remove barriers and further increase accessibility. An exciting new initiative will be 10 for 10 – that 10% of tickets for selected festival productions will be available at 10 euro to those under 30, unwaged or performing arts freelancers (register in advance at dublintheatrefestival.ie).

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Please note there is an added booking fee of €1.50 on top of the prices listed below on all full-price tickets for Dublin Theatre Festival, including full-price tickets for previews.

An image of a person comprised of mix match images of different faces, flowers and plants. They wear a crown.

Lost Lear
28 Sept – 8 Oct | 14:45, 19:45 | 80 mins | €15-€25

All at once fast-paced and thought-provoking, Lost Lear lands us into the world of Joy, a woman with dementia, who is being cared for through a method where people live inside an old memory.
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A landscape photograph of dark curtains at the back of a stage with the word "TRAVESTI" lit in large pink letters across the top. At the bottom in the middle, there is a woman visible from the neck up with long hair. Her face is obscured by shadow.

Manifesto Transpofàgico
30 Sept – 1 Oct | 19:30 | 90 mins | €25

My body was there before me. I’d never asked for anything. It’s older than I am. Renata Carvalho states the facts. Today I decided to dress in my own skin.
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A landscape photograph which is a close up of a woman sticking her tongue out. The image is in black and white.

3 – 4 Oct | 19:30 | 60 mins | €25

Jezebel refuses to be defined by others. She navigates the landscape of hip-hop culture, looking for ways to reclaim her own image. Can Jezebel deconstruct the controversial stereotype associated with the black hip-hop honey?
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A landscape photograph. Two people sit on the ground looking at a projection of cows in a field. Their backs towards us.

Elles Vivent
7 – 8 Oct | 19:30 | 90 mins | €25-€30

Two friends meet in the forest. Michel, seated on a stump, listens to his old friend Taylor talking about what’s been happening for the last two years. (Oh yeah, all this takes place in the future by the way.)
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A landscape photograph of a dark blue adult silhouette standing in a blue space. They are facing the camera, though their face is obscured in shadow. Their legs are splayed, with their knees slightly bent, with the leg on the left of the image becoming obscured mid-thigh by a blue cloud rising from the ground. Their arms are out parallel to the floor and they seem to be holding something in each hand. They are slightly hunched. They wear brogue shoes, long socks, three-quarter-length trousers and a tunic with no sleeves which is cinched at the waist.

Short of Lying
11 – 12 Oct | 19:30 | 75 mins | €25

Short of Lying is a narrative performance about deceit. More specifically, the piece deals with the power of stories to interpret and manipulate reality and shows us how narrative thinking has been appropriated by the communication media.
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A person sits down holding a guitar. They are wearing an abstract mask. They wear yellow dungarees and green welly boots, sitting on a bale of hay. The background is white and a black and white object hangs above.

Farm Fatale
14 – 15 Oct | 19:30 | 90 mins | €27-€30

In the post-human future of Farm Fatale five scarecrows miss the birds, which have all disappeared. French artist Philippe Quesne renowned for his inventive set designs, has created an evening of theatre that’s as magical as it is ironic, as activist as it is melancholy, and as gentle as it is catastrophic.
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Festival + Work-In-Progress

It’s Cool in the Shade
7 Oct | 15:00 | Free but Ticketed

A new play by Kwaku Fortune which turns the Irish kitchen-sink drama on its head and puts it through the lens of a mixed race African-Irish family.

King: A Work-In-Progress
8 Oct | 12:00 | Free but Ticketed

Olivier award-winning Fishamble and Pat Kinevane present a special work-in-progress of KING. Be the first to catch a glimpse of this new production in the making.

Seaside Conversations
14 Oct | 16:00 | Free but Ticketed

Seaside Conversations promises laughter, generosity, honesty and hope as we share new work exploring the experiences of disability service users throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

To Let
15 Oct | 17:30 | Free but Ticketed

An open viewing of a unique rental opportunity. Written and directed by John Conway (The Ballad of a Care Centre).

Festival + Critical Events

Young Critics Panel
9 Oct | 13:00 | Free but Ticketed

The Young Critics brings together young people from around the country to see amazing shows, make new friends, and learn the art of theatre criticism.

Blast: International Critics’ Forum
10 Oct | 18:00 | Free but Ticketed

Join the makers of Blast, a platform for conversations about theatre, where our panel of Irish and international theatre critics will take a fresh perspective on this year’s Dublin Theatre Festival Programme.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at access@projectartscentre.ie or call 01 8819 613. You can find the latest information about Project’s accessibility here.


Dublin Theatre Festival is principally funded by the Arts Council.

Project Arts Centre is proudly supported by The Arts Council and Dublin City Council.


Please note there is an added booking fee of €1.50 on top of the prices listed below on all full-price tickets for Dublin Theatre Festival, including full-price tickets for previews.

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