Festival / Performance / Theatre / 11-12 October 2022

Short of Lying

Tickets: €25 + €1.50 Booking Fee

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Talking Theatre : 11 Oct, post-show with Luanda Casella

Show Time: 19:30 | 75 mins

Short of Lying is a narrative performance about deceit. More specifically, the piece deals with the power of stories to interpret and manipulate reality and shows us how narrative thinking has been appropriated by the communication media.

In the form of a TED Talk, Luanda Casella focuses attention on the art of oratory and exposes the different mechanisms of deception, thus creating a playful tension between deception and awareness.

The piece is situated in the discordant world of online publishing, which since the 1990s has appropriated narrative thinking and storytelling to serve neoliberal logic.


Contains references to violence and use of smoke.

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Directed, Created/Conceived, and Performed by: Luanda Casella
Set Design: Felix Fasolt
Lighting Design: Maria Dermitzaki
Costume Design: Joy Vervaeke
Music and Sound Design: Pablo Casella
Music Composition: Pablo Casella


With the support of the Belgian Tax Shelter.

Project Arts Centre is proudly supported by The Arts Council and Dublin City Council.


Ages: 16+. Contains references to violence and use of smoke.

Please note there is an added booking fee of €1.50 on all full-price Dublin Theatre Festival events.

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