Whip it Up!

After spending 2020 looking into the blue skies of a world beyond with Future Forecast Online, we’re bringing the Big Blue back down to earth – the here and the now.

It’s time to get grounded and watch our space bloom with the thoughts and challenges you whip up from the undergrowth.

This year, we’re transforming our billboard into a site of dialogue and provocation. We want your visions to take root on our walls, planting seeds of change for passers-by.

The familiar world has been shifting dramatically in recent years.

Local and global movements such as Black Lives Matter, End Direct Provision, Waking the Feminists and #MeToo have brought people out onto the streets to reject and defy previously unremarked forms of overt and institutional injustice. At the same time, anxiety has grown about climate change, social and economic inequalities, the rise of right wing populism and the global pandemic.

Artists, as members of society, are directly impacted by the prevailing concerns of our time, and are uniquely positioned to give these issues a voice – we believe their work cannot be divorced from their social, economic and political lives.

It is vital that Project continues to identify new ways to support and amplify artists in addressing contemporary social, political and artistic issues.

So this summer, we’re inviting artists to engage publicly with the issues and questions surrounding us today.

We’re inviting you to Whip it Up, to think of the billboard as your own street-side canvas, an opportunity to speak to an audience both offline and online, to command the attention of public space and to enhance the digital landscape with your stunning visuals, provocative messages and untamed ideas.

The bolder the better.

Whip it Up!


We’re inviting submissions from two artists to take over our billboard over the course of summer 2021 (21st June – 30th August). Each billboard will be up for five weeks and will be documented and highlighted through Project’s social media channels & website. The design of the billboard must be new work for the purpose of this initiative.

Artists Fee: €600

Deadline: Monday 24th May 2021

Send us your ideas for the concept behind your planned billboard in writing (200 words max) or in a visual format. Video or audio submissions are welcome (2 mins max). Please include a link to your website or your cv/bio.

Please submit them by email to submissions@projectartscentre.ie (we will accept Dropbox or WeTransfer links). You can also send any questions and queries to this email address.

Please note that the dimensions of the billboard space are 420x220cm.

Applications are due by Monday 24th May 2021. We will communicate decisions to artists by 31st May 2021. Applications will be shortlisted by the Artistic Director, General Manager, Curator of Visual Arts and Project’s Marketing & Comms Team.

Project welcomes applications from all artists working in all art forms but would like to encourage applications by artists from a diversity of national, ethnic or cultural groups (including, but not limited to Asian, Black, Traveller and minority ethnic, refugees, people with disabilities, working-class and LGBTQI+ artists). We are committed to accessibility and want to make sure that our opportunities are accessible to all artists.  If any additional supports are required to enable you to take up this opportunity, please include the details in your application.  We will work with you to see how we can help remove any barriers, within a limited budget.

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