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Who “gets” access to cultural and creative spaces? What happens to a “programme” when no rules apply? How does a building and an organisation inform the art it facilitates/creates/presents and how does that art, in turn, impact it? What questions are artists asking and how can a cultural organisation help artists explore potential answers? Future Forecast is a multiway transmission with 2020+ vision.

In the future, everyone is an artist, everyone is the audience, and everyone is invited.

  • Una Mullally

This summer, Project Arts Centre was going to present Future Forecast, a series of events and artistic interventions forming part of a speculative voyage towards the future. The system we all operate within is flawed and broken. So, we wanted to imagine something else.

We are using this as part of a process to develop a new future for Project, the questions we are asking about our future and the future, will both inform Future Forecast and be informed by Future Forecast.

Under the umbrella of Future Forecast, developed in collaboration with Una Mullally, we have commissioned a series of responses from our Project Artists.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing these responses online and across our social channels.

Project Arts Centre is powered by creative ideas, critical thinking and debate. As we look to our future in an uncertain world, we want to examine the ways in which our arts community can reflect, mediate, challenge and shape our collective fate.

We’re thinking about hope. About bravery. About new ideas.

Join us.

GULP by Malaprop

This is Malaprop’s call for citizen art made by citizen artists. It’s for absolutely everybody. (Sort of.) (Or will be just as soon as we abolish money.)⁠

Format: video

Watch it HERE

Ten Minutes with Tessa by Nyree Yergainharsian

Tune in to a radio show about the future of the outside world – a world where everyone is an artist, everyone is the audience, and everyone is invited. ⁠Today, we’re talking about the future of finding love.⁠

Format: audio piece with transcript

Listen HERE

Meltdown by Brokentalkers

MELTDOWN is a response to a failure. A failure of those in power to do what they said they would because they hope no one will make a fuss. A failure to do what they need to do in order to allow the arts and artists to sustain and flourish in this country.⁠

COVID or no, we are in a crisis. The future for artists is uncertain. And that is perhaps the one thing we can agree on.⁠

Format: video with captions

Watch it HERE

The Future Has Been Bad by José Miguel Jiménez

A new Future Forecast is here – watch José Miguel Jiménez’s beautiful short film The Future has been Bad now via link in bio.⁠

The virus put me in a lockdown with my 90-year-old grandmother for three months, every day. ⁠

Imagining the future can also be upsetting. Especially when we forget about our past. ⁠

Which direction should we look at?⁠

Format: Video

Watch it HERE

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