Blast: International Critics’ Forum 2018

Talks and Readings / 10 Oct 2018 0.00
The space for engaging with performance is shrinking fast. Critical coverage is disappearing, star ratings just won’t cut it, and online sharing is simply a speedy and cost effective way of talking only to ourselves. How about a fresh perspective?
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In Development: The Devlin Project

Theatre / 13 Oct 2018 0.00 Cube
A multimedia exploration of how civil rights agitation turned to militancy in the late sixties— the era when the revolution was actually televised. Two women, Irish and African American—modelled on Bernadette Devlin and Angela Davis—are engaged in a public interview.
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In Development: The Blackwater Lightship by Colm Tóibín

Theatre / 06 Oct 2018 0.00 Space Upstairs
A new adaptation of Colm Tóibín’s piercing novel about broken family, making a family of your own and the cost of caring for each other. It’s 90s Ireland and AIDS is still a life sentence. A sister, a mother and a grandmother, along with two gay friends, have come together to tend to 29-year-old Declan.
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In Development: Dance Plague

Theatre / 06 Oct 2018 0.00 Cube
From Collapsing Horse, Dance Plague is about bodies, autonomy, rebellion, wildness, animalistic abandon, losing yourself and losing self consciousness. It’s about music and the brain, it’s about the body as captivated and limited by our culture, and the sudden violent schism that sets it free.
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In Development: Before by Pat Kinevane

Theatre / 05 Oct 2018 0.00 Soace Upstairs
From the Olivier Award-winning team of writer/ performer Pat Kinevane, director Jim Culleton and composer Denis Clohessy. Following the huge international success of Fishamble’s trilogy — Forgotten, Silent and Underneath —Before is a new play with much music, set in Clery’s, on the day this iconic department store shuts —for good.
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The End of Eddy

Theatre / 09 Oct 2018 - 13 Oct 2018 15-25 Space Upstairs
Born into poverty in an isolated village in rural France, a boy grows up amongst hard men and women living hard and violent lives. Bullied relentlessly for being gay, this is the story of Eddy’s struggle to understand who he is, who he might become, and of his fight to escape.
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Theatre / 02 Oct 2018 - 07 Oct 2018 20-25 Cube
Winner of a Scotsman Fringe First Award at Edinburgh Fringe 2017, From Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour comes an audacious new theatrical experiment. Each night a different performer joins the playwright on stage, while the script waits unseen in a sealed box…
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Mining Stories

Theatre / 28 Sep 2018 - 30 Sep 2018 20-25 Cube
On the 5th of November 2015, a dam containing toxic mining waste collapsed in the mountains of the Brazilian mining region of Minas Gerais. Mining Stories is not a detective story or a reconstruction of the disaster, but an intriguing documentary theatre performance that journeys through a diverse collection of personal stories crossing topics such as memory, politics, religion and storytelling.
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Theatre / 09 Oct 2018 - 13 Oct 2018 20-25 Cube
Inviting you on a virtual trip through time, the starting point for which is the imagined opening of a time capsule found in 2109. The capsule contains a collection of stories documenting its creators’ changing neighbourhood, a film record of their own private universe. There are also instructions included, a set of possibilities for how the stories can be pieced together for the audience.
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Theatre / 28 Sep 2018 - 29 Sep 2018 25-30 Space Upstairs
Fantasia deals with the subject of imagination and theatre as a place where the world of fiction is born. How does this unique agreement between the audience and artists arise, allowing actors to create worlds on an empty stage? What is needed to make us believe in stage reality? Does the imagination have its limits?
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