Theatre / 09-13 October 2018


Tickets: 20-25
Show Time: 7.45pm

Turkowski & Nowacka, Poland
Matinee: 3.45pm, 13 Oct
Talking Theatre: 13 Oct, post-show (3.45pm), with Janek Turkowski and Iwona Nowacka.
Klosterhof is the historical name of the oldest part of the Polish city of Szczecin. The artists live and work there in a building erected in 1909 that was the only one to survive the Allied aerial bombardment in 1944. In 2009 Janek Turkowski started to observe, film and document everyday life in Klosterhof, joined by Iwona Nowacka four years later.
The performance invites viewers on a virtual trip through time, the starting point for which is the imagined opening of a time capsule found in 2109. The capsule contains a collection of stories documenting its creators’ changing neighbourhood, a film record of their own private universe. There are also instructions included, a set of possibilities for how the stories can be pieced together for the audience.
Klosterhof is a dream to stay unforgotten, a testament that hopes the finders of the capsule will remember its creators so that they can be reborn through the footage. And finally, it is also a reflection on why we record our lives and the human dream of immortality.
Janek Turkowski’s Margarete was performed at Dublin Theatre Festival in 2013.


Created and performed by Iwona Nowacka and Janek Turkowski
Advisor: Adam Ptaszyński


An abiding sense of transience and fragility.” The Irish Times on ‘Margarete’


With the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Dublin.
Supported by a Creative Grant of the City of Szczecin and a grant from the Creativity Promotion Funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


Duration: 75 mins. No interval.

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