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Exhibitions / 25 Jan 2013 - 30 Mar 2013
Detouched isn't a word. As a word that isn't a word, it exists somewhere between retouched and detached. It's also fairly close to untouched, which means that it has a lot to do with touch. It might be best understood as describing a detached sense of touch, or an act of touching that doesn't involve an act of touching, however paradoxical that may sound.
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Exhibitions / 09 Nov 2012 - 12 Jan 2013
Raivo Puusemp - Dissolution is the first comprehensive overview of Puusemp’s work produced between the mid-1960s and late 1970s. The exhibition will present documentation and materials around Rosendale, a public work, a number of his early works and one recent artwork. Presented alongside these are related works by artist Ben Kinmont (1963, US) that negotiate the notion of withdrawal and artistic contextualisation.
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Exhibitions / 20 Aug 2012 - 28 Nov 2012
Lyons’ installation is a work in conflict: a generative and destructive force, an entanglement of darkness and light, and a conjuring of form without form. As an in-between space, it is both a beginning and an end, and a non-space from which matter seems to rise.
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Exhibitions / 23 Aug 2012 - 27 Oct 2012
Coinciding with the exhibition Whitewashing the Moon, Project Arts Centre continues its new experimental Grotto series with the site-specific installation by Kevin Kirwan, entitled Here’s To You.
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Exhibitions / Talks and Readings / 18 Oct 2012 4 (including lunch)
Feed your body and your imagination, do something different on your lunch break and join us for an art picnic.
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