The Elephant in the Room 

The Elephant in the Room is a climate research project by artist Fergal McCarthy, commissioned by Project Arts Centre. Over the coming weeks, Fergal will be sharing his ongoing explorations by posting daily on Twitter @fergalmccarthy1 and Instagram @fergalmccarthy.

About the research:

“Each person in Ireland emits on average 12.3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year, equivalent to the weight of three elephants. Ireland is the third worst in the EU for emissions per capita. The global average is 4.5 tonnes. Climate Change is the Elephant in the Room.

We are all aware of its looming presence but our ability to respond at this critical moment can be frustratingly slow. I have spent the last year looking into the actions that have been taken globally to turn the tide (literally) on the worst effects of a warming world. This research informs my current work as an artist which can be viewed on instagram (@fergalmccarthy) and twitter (@fergalmccarthy1)”.

Fergal McCarthy

Commissioned by Project Arts Centre

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