Project Potential Assistant Announced!

We’re delighted to welcome new staff member Áine O’Hara to the Big Blue Building this week. As part of the Project Potential team, Áine will be assisting on a number of exciting access initiatives throughout 2023!


Áine O’Hara is an award-winning visual artist, theatre maker and facilitator focused on creating exciting and vulnerable work for and about people who are often left out of traditional art and performance spaces. 

Áine wants to create work that uplifts and supports disabled and chronically ill artists and audiences. 

Áine’s work has toured nationally and internationally and they have shown work across the U.K and Europe. In 2020 they were the recipient of A4 Sounds ‘We Only Want the Earth Project’ award which culminated in a solo show ‘The Patient will see you now’ at the gallery in December 2020. Áine was awarded the Next Generation Award from the Arts Council in 2022 and recently received the Radical Spirit Fringe Festival Award for “The Rest Rooms” a Festival programme and space that celebrated disabled joy and rest as resistance. 

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