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Actors’ Workshop with Grace Dyas (THEATREclub)

Monday 29 September – Friday 3 October
11.00am – 5.00pm
Fringe Lab (Sycamore Street, Temple Bar)

Making something new, over and over again.

Come and join THEATREclub’s Grace Dyas for a week of reflection, researching, recharging and, most importantly, acting.
This is a workshop for actors.
This is a workshop about staying on your feet, staying on the floor and keeping you on your toes!

The week will alternate between two themes:
1. You will look at the process of making work. Why do we make the work we make? Why do we pick the roles we pick? Are they auditioning you or are you auditioning them?
2. How do you say something for the first time, every time?

There will be loads of exercises on the floor, some devising, a good bit of philosophical chat and loads of craic.

The workshop will run from Monday 29 September to Friday 3 October, 11.00am to 5.00pm each day, in Fringe Lab (Sycamore Street, Temple Bar).
The cost of the workshop is €100.

To apply for a place on the workshop, please email
The deadline for applications is Monday 22 September.

THEATREclub are Project Artists.

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