Theatre / 04-19 July 2014


Tickets: 16/14 (Previews and Matinee €12)

All tickets 5 July just €10!

Show Time: 8.15pm

A new version of one of the most rarely performed plays of William Shakespeare.
Timon is rich and overly generous. He lavishes gifts on his friends without care. His friends are the corrupt city leaders who flatter Timon and privately mock his generousity. When Timon finds that his wealth is exhausted, he sends requests to his friends for help. They callously turn him down. His faith in humanity destroyed , he rages against all mankind and goes to live alone in the wilderness. In the wilderness, the now misanthropic Timon discovers gold, and when news of his discovery gets out. The false friends and hangers-on seek him out in the hope of further generosity.
This new abridged version, featuring nine talented actors, was last performed in Ireland at the Dublin theatre Festival 1978. It’s tale of reckless spending and careless indulgence followed by betrayal contains some of Shakespeare’s most powerful language and speeches and echo Ireland’s recent economic collapse.


Suitable 12+

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