09-10 June 2008


Tickets: 15

Threshold Director Marc Rees brings together two extraordinary performers and two brand new talents in a unique, strange and flamboyant artwork that brings explorations from the dilapidated Palace to the stage of Taliesin. Thresholdsifts through its abandoned artefacts, playing in the dust and stirring its memories of forgotten variety acts and lingering dance anthems. Featuring Wendy Houstoun and John Rowley and introducing Swansea Metropolitan University Students Stephen Donnelly and Rachel Walsh.

UBU is a physical piece which follows the life of its main character as he attempts to claim the throne of his country by killing the king but then becomes a slave.

Open Faces is a contemporary and devised piece exploring themes of depression, suicide, love, betrayal and family. The original ideas for this piece came from old folk tales and stories!

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