Billboard / Vis Art / 16 October - 12 November 2023

The Holy Wells Are Overflowing! by Carmen Quigley

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The Holy Wells Are Overflowing! is a drawing that predicts Dublin’s future.

At last, the Wells are going to overflow and reclaim the concrete that has contained them. They’ll burst out from behind their gates or stone structures, and any lost springs will spring forward! The sacred fish will flop onto the footpaths and bless whoever sees them. The healing waters will heal the city, and nature will take back their stones from the buildings.

Holy Wells were sacred pagan sites, visited by people in search of cures and healing.

Over time they were altered to conform to Christian beliefs and convert the native masses.

The need to control and own spaces that need no controlling or owner, is something seen in our city every day. This piece represents a hopeful prediction for an end to the commodification of Dublin.

A photograph of Carmen, a white woman in her twenties, poses in her garden. She is wearing a green jumper and is surrounded by foliage. She is looking into the camera.

Carmen Quigley

Carmen Quigley is a visual artist based in Dublin, primarily making drawings.

Mythology, folklore and storytelling are the foundations of the work. Spinning a yarn with pen and paper.

Follow Carmen on Instagram via @carquig.

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Billboard Images by Ste Murray.


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