Performance / 18 February - 11 March 2006


Tickets: 10

“a mesmerising balance between lush depravity and icy intellectualism” Sunday Independent
Ambition and treachery overcome familial bonds when a noblewoman marries for love, denying her two brothers further domination over her life and wealth. The brothers’ savage determination to regain control of their sister’s property and person leads them into a downward spiral. In planting a spy they set a trap. Torture, madness and death follow in its wake.
The Duchess of Malfi, John Webster’s best-known work, contains some of the most hauntingly beautiful language of the Jacobean age. Loose Canon who are no strangers to interpreting Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre now turn their focus to Webster’s great tragedy, reaching deep into the recesses of the human heart to unearth the darkest actions of mankind.
Loose Canon Theatre Company
by John Webster

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