Special Event / 06-06 June 2012


Show Time: 6:00pm

Space Upstairs
By Create
The Collaborative Arts Performance Pack will be officially launched by international guest artist, Natasha Davis at Project Arts Centre on 6th June.
The Collaborative Arts Performance Pack, initiated and produced by Create the national development agency for collaborative arts, is the first of its kind in Ireland. The pack is a limited edition artwork and a professional development resource; a tool to encourage the creation of theatre making rooted in collaborative processes. Both as playful investigation and provocation, it seeks to raise questions about new methodologies in theatre-making and to encourage participation and reflection.
A ready-made kit containing all the elements needed to develop a lecture-based performance exploring the relationship between socially engaged practice and theatre, the pack will include examples of national and international work with both practical and imaginative guides to dramaturgical approaches to collaborative theatre making. It can be used as a resource, training tool or as an introduction to contemporary socially engaged performance practice aimed at theatre makers, educationalists and academics.
The artists featured include Dylan Tighe, theatremaker and perfomer; Brokentalkers (also known as Feidlim Cannon and Gary Keegan), Louise Lowe of ANU Productions and Helene Hugel, Artistic Director of Helium, as well as international examples such as Rimini Protokoll, Clod Ensemble’s Performing Medicine, Young@Heart, Marina Abramovic, The Red Room and many more.
The Collaborative Arts Performance Pack is produced by Lynnette Moran and has been written by Peter Crawley theatre critic of the IrishTimes and News editor of Irish Theatre Magazine.
After the launch, The Collaborative Arts Performance Pack will be available to order from Create’s website.
The Collaborative Arts Performance Pack is inspired by The Performance Pack, which was written and created by Joshua Sofaer and published by Live Art Development Agency with support from Tate and Arts Council England (2004). Create acknowledge the generosity of the creators of The Performance Pack for allowing us to use their publication as a template. The Collaborative Arts Performance Pack is supported by Arts Council Ireland’s Theatre Development Award.
For more information about the pack and launch event contact Create here.
Natasha Davis international guest artist will launch the pack – for information on artists featured in the pack please see www.create-ireland.ie.
Natasha Davis’ performance practice revolves around the body as a cultural signifier; her work is process-led and involves rigorous investigation & interpretation of personal histories.Davis has managed a portfolio of established performance practitioners and developed a sizable portfolio of experimental work at the Arts Council London. At the British Council Davis developed projects in Western Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand. She opened & co-coordinated a British Council centre in the Syrian desert and produced a large-scale project for the Ministry of Culture and Education in Tokyo. Natasha as a producer has worked with Bobby Baker and Akram Khan and she also teaches at Birkbeck College


The Collaborative Arts Performance Pack
Initiated, Edited and Produced by Lynnette Moran
Written by Peter Crawley
Design by Dave Darcy
DVD Production by Kilian Waters
Original Photography by Ros Kavanagh
Assistant Production and Research by Pamela Murray

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