02-05 October 2008


Tickets: 33

‘You feed us. You wash us. You dress us. You sing to us. You watch us when we are sleeping. You make promises that you think we won’t remember. You tell us stories with happy endings, and stories with unhappy endings and stories with endings that are not really endings at all. You explain to us what love is. You explain to us the different causes of illness and the different causes of war. You whisper softly when you think we can’t hear. You explain to us that night follows day.’

That Night Follows Day, a piece for adults featuring 16 children between 8 and 14 years old, catalogues the many ways a child’s life is determined by that of their carers. With great clarity and humour it examines the systems of parenthood, upbringing, discipline, care and welfare that define children’s and adolescent’s worlds. Astonishingly simple and beautifully poetic That Night Follows Day is a playful and provocative performance that holds its adult audience captive and captivated! This is Victoria’s third visit to the Festival in recent years, following the hugely successful White Star (2005) and Aalst (2006). In Flemish with English surtitles.

‘…simply breathtaking… the finest show about parenthood and childhood ever produced in Europe.’ The Scotsman

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