16-16 January 2007


Tickets: 20

300 GB of video, 4 Apple PowerBooks, 25 years musical experience, 8 monitors 85 metres of electrical cable, 140 metres of video cable and one telephone.

After 150 years of Freud we still don’t know where our feelings come from. Consciousness and self-awareness too readily get lost in a sea of sentimentality, For anyone who wants to dive down, real-time, to the ocean floor of his or her emotions, we suggest an hour on the couch of Random Scream.

In addition to 8 screens working as conceptual catalysts, the visceral stimulation of an epic soundscape and the affecting authenticity of real time telephone calls, three prime biological weapons will work within you to confront the numbness and ignorance of the everyday.

Director/Concept DAVIS FREEMAN Cast

PAUL LEMP, DAVIS FREEMAN, JAN VAN GIJSEL Accommodation Partners Grafton Guest House

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