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Tickets: 10
Show Time: 1.15pm

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American Rock Trip – The USA through its rock museums and other pop cabinets of curiosity

From Johnny Cash’s house to Britney Spears’ bedroom by way of Jerry Lee Lewis’ own personal hell, the bunker belonging to the world’s biggest Elvis Presley fan, or the “rock ’n’ roll Louvre” in Cleveland, 12,000 kilometres (7,500 miles) of the USA were criss-crossed, pedal to the metal, to visit the museums and other eccentricities Americans devote to the different forms of music they have invented (rock, blues, country music). Visiting this new kind of heritage site allows for a direct and irreplaceable confrontation with the electric guitars and cowboy boots that Americans have used to build their national history.
The New World may not have a Château de Versailles – but they do have Prince and BB King! From this exhaustive journey, Stéphane Malfettes wrote the book American Rock Trip (published in France by Zones Sensibles) which he has transformed into a “stand-up conference” with a cast of colourful characters, loads of photos, videos, and music clips galore. Better than a meeting with a PowerPoint presentation or a slideshow party with pals, this is rock ‘n’ roll like you’ve never seen, read or heard it before!
“The structure and rhythm of American Rock Trip is goddamn exciting. Even though you feel like Stéphane Malfettes had a “blast” tearing up the pavement, the pleasure is all ours.”
Rolling Stone

Created by Stéphane Malfettes
Visuals by Cédric Scandella

With the support of Institut Français and the Embassy of France in Ireland

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