Music / 09 September - 14 January 2006


Tickets: 15

Hardcore /
Downtown New York Jazz /
Carnatic Rhythms
With Joachim Badenhorst
and Simon Jermyn.
Special Guest Rebecca Collins.
Red Rocket perform the premiere of a new music commission from Project Arts Centre. This unorthodox trio has been playing together for the past two years in Holland, Canada, and Belgium where on each outing they perform the music of one member. For this concert they will play compositions by drummer Sean Carpio, exploring the selected influences of Hardcore and Indian Carnatic music in an evening of exciting improvisation. The compositions are largeley influenced by the period Carpio spent studying Carnatic percussion in India in 2004, both in the new forms he had gone there to learn as well as his nostalgia for the music he played at home. Belgian saxophonist/clarinetist Joachim Badenhorst and Irish guitarist Simon Jermyn are both Honours Masters recipients from the Royal Conservatory den Hague, Holland. For this performance alone, they will be joined by a special guest Rebecca Collins on vocals.
Project Arts Centre

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