Special Event / 17-17 December 2016


Tickets: 0.00
Show Time: 2pm

This event is free. Limited places available, booking required. 
Seamus Nolan’s Aspiration, Demands, Action takes the form of a slogan writing and acrobatic workshop with poet Dave Lordan and acrobat Henrik Gard.
Poet, performer, educator & agitator Dave Lordan will lead a session on Inventive Political Slogans – drawing inspiration from some of the catchiest & wittiest slogans invented by social movements past & present.
Taking the actions of ‘fathers for justice’ who skilfully climb public buildings in super hero costumes in order to raise their demands for equal rights to their children.
Acrobat Henrik Gard will guide participants through techniques for practical and group acrobatics. Performance poet Dave Lordan will run a short sloganeering workshop to articulate participants concerns for public demonstration.
Using acrobatic techniques the participants will have their slogans and demands inscribed on the gallery walls.
Aspiration, Demands, Action is presented as part of The Wild,  find out more about The Wild and a series of special events accompanying the exhibition here.
The Wild is presented as part of Project 50, a season of work celebrating 50 years of Project Arts Centre
Join in the conversation:
Duration approx 90mins

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