Performance / 14-19 September 2015


Tickets: 11 - €15
Show Time: 9.15pm

Dates: 15 – 19 September
Preview: 14 September
A shamefully neglected piece of Irish cinema, The Score was panned on its initial release and Breach & Quinn, devastated by the response, never made another film.
The movie sees Quinn, a desperate man in a situation he can’t control. There’s a woman, a fat man with alarmingly high-waisted trousers and it certainly appears that there will be violence.
Over time, The Score became a cult hit. As a result of this resurgent interest, Breach & Quinn agreed to come out of retirement and perform the film live onstage – complete with its “sprawling, hallucinatory and probably unplayable soundtrack.”
Unplayable? We’ll see about that. Sit back. Open your eyes. Dream.

Running time: 70 min

Post-Show Discussion: Wednesday 16 September

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