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Tickets are free and pre-booking is advised
Would you like an opportunity to introduce your friends and family to contemporary art?
Three of Dublin’s city centre contemporary galleries – Project Arts Centre, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios and Gallery of Photography – are joining forces to offer a guided walking tour that takes place across these venues.
The tours introduce their current exhibitions to those who might not be so familiar with contemporary art and offer an interesting insight into the work for those who are.

  • Starting here at Project Arts Centre with Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously, a group show investigating ideas around countries dissolved and populations dispersed, meditating on the role that arts plays in the times of upheaval.
  • Then onto the Gallery of Photography for Noel Bowler’s expansive project ‘Union’, which looks at the spaces of organised labour. ‘Union’ explores the meeting rooms and back offices at the coalface of the ideological war between labour and capital that has shaped our lives since the industrial revolution.
  • And finally finishing up in Temple Bar Gallery and Studios with Mark Swords’ The living and the dead, a new body of work that references Joyce’s profoundly moving short story The Dead, and its sense of unease.

Book a spot for your parents, friends, cousins, housemates and anyone who you think might like to learn more about the things you love!
Please note: the tour begins at Project Arts Centre at 1pm

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