Project Arts Centre presents

Special Event

Public Viewing 1: Sandra Johnston's 'Reserved' (1998) and Ronan McCrea's 'View' (1999)

Dates: 23 Feb - 23 Feb

Show Time: 3pm-5.30pm

Tickets: €0 (Free admission, no booking required)

Presented as part of Active Archive – Slow Institution: The Long Goodbye

On 23 February the gallery will host a special event focusing on two projects that were commissioned by Project Arts Centre as part of the Off Site visual arts programme (1998-1999). Sandra Johnston and Ronan McCrea will present moving image and photographic materials about these works and will be joined in conversation by writer and curator Valerie Connor who worked with both artists on their projects.

Reserved (1998) by Sandra Johnston was the 3rd project in the Off Site visual arts programme. Over two evenings, people took a lift from a hotel lobby to its roof-top to spend time with the artist as she performed a series of actions. As each small group was returned to the warm lobby another would be brought up in the guest lift. While waiting to go to the roof people were seated in a comfortably furnished area. Videos monitors played recordings made by the artist during a stay alone in one of the hotel rooms. At the request of the artist, the room had been left uncleaned after the previous occupant.

On the roof, objects were arranged by the artist. These that set out the space – some objects were found and others made: chairs, make-shift screen, video projection, gas-fired burner, bitumen tar, lights. The artist moved freely across the roof. The weather was wintery and the night air was cold.
Reserved by Sandra Johnston ran on the evenings of 11th and 12th November 1998.

View (1999) by Ronan McCrea was the 9th project in the Off Site visual arts programme.

A single image. No caption. A photograph taken on the bend of a road. As the tarmac curves away, your eye falls on the buildings in the far distance. There are two clusters of buildings. One is a halting site. The other is a prison. This area is to the West of Dublin city.

200 posters were printed and at the discretion of the official poster company who runs these billboard spaces the posters were distributed around Dublin city centre. Looking at the artist’s photographs of these in situ, it is common to see these poster sites located on shopfronts or housing that has been painted black in an attempt to make ‘flat’ background that would recede from the eye and attention of passers-by. The intention is that the commercial poster sites, with a variety of graphics and images, framed in the company’s livery and displaying their logo push forward to catch attention.

View by Ronan McCrea was distributed and displayed Irish Poster Advertising on sites from 30th August until 12th September 1999.

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Project Arts Centre Off Site. Front of House (Detail), 1998.
Project Arts Centre Off Site. Techncial Director (Detail), 1998.

Texts by Valerie Connor.

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