Music / 04-05 April 2014


Tickets: 15/12
Show Time: 8.15pm

Pinto – “the imaginary equine carrier of an imaginary friend, created to help an imaginary hero” – are an improvising trio formed by saxophonist/clarinetist Robin Fincker, guitarist/electric bass player Simon Jermyn and drummer/guitarist/vocalist Seán Carpio.
Based in Toulouse, New York and Dublin respectively, this week long residency at Project Arts Centre will allow a rare opportunity for them to devise a set of new music, culminating in two concerts in the Cube on Friday and Saturday evening.
Each member of the trio is independently recognised for their multi-faceted work, operating across many genres. With this open residency they will aim to create a broad concert experience, one that is generated not only from their varied interests, but also from a direct interaction with the visiting audience during the week.
Pinto will be hosting free open rehearsals from 6-8pm, Monday 31, March through to Thursday, 3 April. All are free to join. The group will host these open rehearsals in the Cube over the course of the week, allowing regular audience interaction, feedback and short performance opportunities in order to prepare for two concerts.
We hope you can join them and be a part of generating this music.
Company history
Pinto have been performing since 2012. They have toured the south of France and Ireland including the Galway Jazz Festival and the TXUS Festival.
Their eponymous first album is due for release this year under the English label  Loop Recordings.


Robin Fincker – Tenor saxophone/clarinet
Simon Jermyn – Electric bass/guitar
Seán Carpio – Drums/electric guitar/voice

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