24-25 June 2008


Tickets: 20

Para información en Español, por favor clic. An eleven year old girl is the mc for a contest in which six suicidal lovers play the bullets in a theatrical game of russian roulette. This new work from the exciting young argentinean company is a mixture of a competition, confessional, concert and dance theatre, with a live soundtrack from a garage band that plays like there’s no tomorrow. Performed in spanish with english surtitles. Check them out on My Space. Part of We Are Here 3.0 Performance in the city Playful and thought provoking, the the performances in We Are Here 3.0 use cities and their people as source material. We Are Here is produced by Project Arts Centre and Dublin Docklands Development Authority.

Cast: Luciana Acuña. Lola Arias, Esteban Lamothe, Alfredo Martín, Julia Martinez Rubio, Ignacio Rogers, Lucia Sternichia Kaplan.

Choreography: Luciana Acuña.

Live Musicians: Ulises Conti, Andrés Ravioli.

Original Score: Ulises Conti, Lola Arias.

Set Design: Leandro Tartaglia.

Lighting: Matías Sendón.

Assistant Director: Juan Devoto.

Writer: Lola Arias.

Directors: Lola Arias, Alejo Moguillansky. LA COMPAÑÍA POSTNUCLEAR is an artists’ collective whose objective is to produce plays, installations, films, and songs. Its members are: Lola Arias (writer, actress, director), Luciana Acuña (dancer, choreographer, artistic director of the Krapp Dance Company), Alejo Moguillansky (film director, professor), Ulises Conti (musical performer, composer), and Leandro Tartaglia (fine artist, set designer).


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