12-12 April 2024

Lived Fiction

Tickets: €16/€18
Show Time: 7 pm

➮ To book your place on the pre-show Familiarisation / Touch Tour, contact cathy@projectartscentre.ie or phone Box Office at +353 1 881 9613

Be aware that the performance on Thursday 11 April will be filmed. Please note that if you do not wish to be filmed during the performance, please contact us via email info@projectartscentre.ie or by the phone +353 1 881 9613.

Lived Fiction is the manifestation of Stopgap’s twenty-year history, a timely intervention that can shape the future of contemporary dance. The sensual choreography of Lived Fiction is rendered anew with evocative audio description, exquisite projection art and captioning. The internationally revered company invites you to experience dance from multiple perspectives and share in a future that is rich with the enterprise, potential, and power of diversity. Expect masterful performances from Deaf, Disabled, neurodivergent and non-disabled creatives in the dance work that is deep with compassion for the human condition.

For information regarding your journey to the Project, Building Access, Accessible Performances, Information on Project’s ongoing access programme and more, please access our Plan Your Visit and Accessibility Page.


Stopgap have been the exemplar of diversity and inclusion on stage for two decades, but a global leader of inclusive dance has to do more than showcase Disabled talent. It is time for us to step up and make dance accessible to the widest possible range of audiences.

We want the performers and the audience to gain a shared-experience of an inclusive world and revel in the joy of different people cohabiting the theatre space.

Lived Fiction aims to do this through intertwining audio description, captioning, projection art, and relaxed environment with world-class choreography.

Click this link here to learn more about Stopgap’s creative access.


Lucy Bennett 

Choreographer, Director, Scriptwriter and Original Concep

Christian Brinklow, Monique Jarrett, Emily Lue-Fong, Jannick Moth, Lily Norton, Nadenh Poan, and Hannah Sampson 

Performers, Co-devisers, and Co scriptwriters 

Dan Watson 

The Voice of DAN

Lily Norton 

Audio Description and Access Art 

Dougie Evans 

Sound Designer 

Ben Glover 

Digital Artist and Creative Captions 

Jackie Shemesh 

Lighting Designer 

Ryan Dawson Laight 

Costume Designer

Colin Holden 

Props Designer and Builder

Ethan Duffy 

Production and Stage Manager

Emma Henderson 

Production Manager

Francois Langton 

Technical Manager 

Joe Hornsby 

Lighting Associate

Rosie Whiting 

Costume Associate

Amy Butler 

Rehearsal Director 

James Greenhalgh 

Project Manager 

Lauren Trim 

Access Guide 

Abbie Thompson 

Access Worker 

Sho Shibata 

Executive Produce


Stopgap Dance Company is driven by a diverse creative team who uses dance as a movement for change.

Our mission is to create an inclusive world where diversity is not just accepted but pursued, a world where no one is limited by prejudice against Deaf, Disabled, or neurodivergent people.

Working with an artform shaped by human touch and energised by the spark of connectivity, our work demonstrates the compelling power of diversity and inclusivity. We move together to create a remarkable experience that transforms society’s perceptions of difference and dismantle the inequity of privilege, in dance and in all aspects of living, collaborating, and creating together as humans.

Our work is both focused on and born out of the company’s rigorous investment in equity and inclusive culture. We are committed to removing barriers to dance, nurturing the talents of dancers born into any body and any mind. We are in coalition with a wave of organisations moving towards a better representation of diversity on our stages and in society.

We are a global leader of disability access in dance and continuously examine best practice. We actively advocate for the industry and the wider world to become more inclusive.


“There is so much power in their performance”

Clare Balding, on our performance for The Festival of Remembrance (BBC One)

“The jury responded to the strength of the ensemble and a non-hierarchical vision of corporeal expression”

Jury statement of IMZ screendance for Artificial Things (Film) – winner of Best Screen Choreography (over 15 mins) 2019

“Demonstrating the ability of the human body” ★★★★

The Guardian for Frock at GDIF

“An absorbing encounter” ★★★★

Bachtrack for The Enormous Room

“A lyrical ode” ★★★★

The Guardian for The Seafarers

“Exhilarating, emotional and provoking” ★★★★

Edinburgh Guide for Artificial Things (stage)

Bold and disarming ★★★★

Exeunt Magazine for Artificial Things (stage)

Thought-provoking, intelligent, imaginative, powerful ★★★★★

TV Bomb for Artificial Things (stage)

Bold and honest ★★★★

Broadway Baby for Artificial Things (stage)


Lived Fiction has been developed as part of the project Protecting the Right to Culture of Persons with Disabilities and Enhancing Cultural Diversity through European Union Law: Exploring New Paths DANCING, a five year European Research Council funded interdisciplinary project at Maynooth University. Led by Professor of Law Delia Ferri, DANCING explores how EU law can promote cultural participation for people with disabilities. Working with researchers

from project DANCING, Stopgap’s artists engaged with recent developments in EU law and policy and sought input from a wide range of stakeholders, including artists, people with disabilities, and policymakers. This dialogue between researchers and artists has shaped how ‘Lived Fiction’ attempts to exemplify cultural practice that embraces accessibility as integral. The process of developing ‘Lived Fiction’ has also fed into the ongoing work of project DANCING, going beyond rational cognitive ways of knowing to generate deep insight within the project’s findings about what cultural diversity really means.

 The project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European  Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme (grant agreement No. 864182).


Paths” led by Delia Ferri, Professor of Law at Maynooth University, Ireland. The project received funding from the European Research Council under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme (grant agreement number 864182).

Lived Fiction was created with additional support from: Arts Council England, DanceEast, Dance Ireland, Leche Trust, The Point – Eastleigh, University of Surrey. 


Project Arts Centre is proudly supported by The Arts Council and Dublin City Council. We are pleased to extend a welcome to ADI as our valued partner in this performance. Thank you to ADI for contributing to access, transport & other costs for Arts & Disability groups to engage with performers and performances of Lived Fiction by Stopgap Dance Theatre.

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