Live Art / 25-25 April 2024


Tickets: €10 / €8

Get a two event ticket for both LAKE BURST and FATIMA: Farah Elle on Thursday 25th April for €20!

Show Time: 7pm

“A Lake Burst is a phenomenon referred to in Irish mythology in which a previously non-existent lake comes into being, often where a grave is being dug.”

Lake Burst by Maïa Nunes is the interdisciplinary artist’s latest site-specific performance artwork in the form of a short film, directed by Clodagh Farrelly. 

Lake Burst re-imagines an Irish folktale “River Claiming It’s Due” – the lore of a lake calling for the inevitable death of its next victim – as a story of inner conflict and spiritual rebirth.

Set in the dramatic bog-lands of glacial Lough Bré, Lake Burst explores the geo-mythology and symbolic significance of lakes as portals to the otherworld and subconscious realms.

Performed through site-responsive movement improvisation, the film captures the Irish-Trinidadian artist’s process of connecting to landscape as a pathway to belonging.

Three characters, bound by fate, embody fractured aspects of the self seeking integration and liberation; the ancestral, the egoic and the spiritual.

At its core, Lake Burst draws on global mythologies to narrate a resonant tale of the universal struggle between spirit and flesh, summoning and willpower, seduction and illusion, resistance and surrender.

In addition:

As part of Live Collision International Festival 2024 Maïa Nunes has invited a collaboration with Writer & Independent Curator Diana Bamimeke who will curate and lead a special event designed to engage audiences with the themes and resonances of Lake Burst.

This event is part of Live Collision International Festival 2024.


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Live Collision is funded by The Arts Council and Dublin City Council Arts Office.

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