Exhibitions / 23 March - 30 April 2005


Show Time: 11.00am - 8.00pm
Everything I said let me explain

Isabel Nolan’s first major solo show opened in Project Arts Centre on 25th March. For the exhibition, Nolan, whose practice includes different media such as painting, drawing, sculpture, video and animation, was commissioned to make a new body of work.

The exhibition at Project attempted to distil the different elements of Nolan’s practice into a singular statement and focusing on a series of figure drawings, featuring a short animated film and a series of works on paper. The subject of the film is a friend that the artist has being drawing on and off since adolescence. This friend, waking from sleep, is confronted with the appearance of strange and unaccountable phenomenon.In her work the artist seeks to address the problem of representation and the difficulty of attaching meaning to phenomenon. Nolan’s tendency to shift between different media highlights the inadequacy of the tools to hand. She frequently uses scraps of words and images arranged in open-ended configurations to describe the loose and associative process by which sense is given to things.

Sometimes Nolan uses her own image as a starting point, as in the video ‘Sloganeering’ where she writes sentences onto her T-shirt which she then scribbles out and replaces with contradictory ones. At other times her attempt to describe something awesome and unimaginable is coupled with an inappropriate medium, producing comic results – for example she once knitted the text of a poem that reflected on the inevitability of death into a brightly coloured blanket.


Born and based in Dublin, Isabel Nolan has participated in numerous group exhibitions including ‘How Things Turn Out‘ at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (2002), the Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists’, Belgrade (2004), the ‘Budget Bureau for Language Applications‘ at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Geneva (2005), and ‘Coalesce‘ at both the Model Arts and Niland Gallery, Sligo and K3, Zurich (2005). Nolan was also one of seven artists representing Ireland at the 51st Venice Biennale in June 2005. Since exhibiting in Project Nolan’s solo shows included ‘This Time I Promise To Be More Careful‘ in the Kerlin Gallery (2007) and ‘Rise To The Occasion‘ in Four Gallery 2006).


Closed Sundays & Bank Holidays

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