12-12 June 2008


Tickets: 10

Since the Celtic Tiger first roared back in the early 1990s, Ireland’s economic upturn has transformed the lives of many. But has this newfound prosperity also changed our core values? And if so, what does this say about us as a society? Was the Ireland of old a purer, simpler and therefore kinder society, or is this simply the worst kind of nostalgia?

Lending its collective experience and estimable insight to this timely debate is a heavyweight panel of Irish commentators: Independent Senator, Ivana Bacik; Roy Foster, the most eminent and distinguished of Irish historians; Alan Gilsenan, Ireland’s most prolific documentary maker and David McWilliams, economist, broadcaster and writer.

Together, this prodigious line-up of cultural movers and shakers unpicks the moral and social fabric of 21st-century Irish society

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