Exhibitions / 24-27 July 2015


Friday 24 July 1.00pm
Monday 27 July 3.00pm
Free Admission
Places are limited so we do advise you to book early.
This summer, visual art has taken over Project Arts Centre with one of our most ambitious exhibitions to date.
Riddle of the Burial Grounds puzzles over signs, forms and communication, motivated by one of the major problems facing our planet – the markings and warnings around nuclear burial sites.
Through sculpture, film, photography, documentary, fiction, science-fiction, history, landscapes and imagined futures, Riddle of the Burial Grounds attempts to conceive of a time in which language, signs and forms will be beyond our current comprehension.
With just a number of days left before Riddle closes, take this opportunity to explore the exhibition with a free guided tour by Tessa Giblin, our Curator of Visual Arts.
Running time: 45 min

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