Dance / Festival / Theatre / 09-24 September 2023

Dublin Fringe Festival 2023

This September let’s render the city limitless. 

Dublin Fringe Festival will turn the city of Dublin into a stage for some of the most jaw dropping performances and events of the year. Artists will take over the city with unmissable live art experiences for 16 days and nights, lighting up dozens of indoor and outdoor venues and sprinkling that Dublin Fringe magic into every corner.  

From form-bursting theatre productions in unlikely settings, electric dance performance, immersive installations to epic party nights out, artists will breathe life into every corner of our vibrant city.  Dive into the mosh pit, explore the garden at dusk, rage in the wrestling ring, and brace yourselves for wild nights out.  

A stage set with two actors in character for Once in a Lifetime.

Red Bear Company presents
Once in a Lifetime
8 Sept, 18:15 | 9-11 Sept, 21:00 | 70mins
€14 Preview | €18/€16

Privilege, prejudice, and barely concealed resentment are all served up for dinner, with a good dolloping of secrets and lies for dessert.

A man wearing a bright red top stands on a cliff by the seashore.

Springheel Productions presents
8-16 Sept | 18:30 | 80mins
€11 Preview | €15 / €13

Henry encounters a mysterious figure at a party who offers him a deal that will change the course of his life forever. Come join the party. 

View from behind of a young man wearing a coat walking across a bridge with a bag slung over his shoulder which has the same colour and pattern as the out of focus trees in the background.

Louis Deslis presents
8-10, 12 & 13 Sept, 21:15 | 14 Sept, 13:15
16 Sept, 15:30 | 55mins
€11 preview | €15/€13

Following on from his 2019 Little Gem Award winning show Patchwork, Louis Deslis returns with a new Franco-Irish tale of craic, joie de vivre, and everything in between. 

MALAPROP presents
9-11 September, 18:15
12-15 September, 21:00
16 September, 13:00 | 90mins
€14 Preview | €18/€16

A play about horny songbirds, parents, love, legacy, and wanting to change, but not knowing how. 

A person wearing a dark pilots outfit and goggles is bending down with arms outstretched as if to fly.

Martha Knight presents
The King of All Birds
14 – 16 September, 21:15 | 11 & 12 Sept, 18:30 15 & 16 Sept, 13:15 | 60mins
€11 Preview | €15/€13

A fresh and playful trad gig for voice and vocoder, inspired by hours of staring at an aerial photo of a house in County Mayo.

A photo where the viewpoint is looking down from above into a mosh pit of tightly packed people and focusing on one person’s face tilted upwards, eyes closed, mouth open in excitement and arms flailing.

Rachel Ní Bhraonáin presents
13-17 Sept | 18:15 | 60mins
€18/€16 | Preview: €14

This is a show about a community connected through music and risk. This is a show with humour, heart, and a whole lot of headbanging.

Comedian Lara Ricote sits on the floor and looks at the viewer with one eye closed.

Lara Ricote presents
16 & 17 Sept | 21:00 | 60mins
€18/€16 | Preview: €14

GRL/LATNX/DEF is a show that is sort of about identity and sort of about the absurdity of putting yourself in boxes… when no one is asking you to.

Ayesha Syeddah who presents the event ‘passports - a conversation with Ayesha Syeddah & Friends’ at the Project Arts Centre on 19 September as part of Dublin Fringe Festival.

Ayesha Syeddah presents
passports – a conversation with Ayesha Syeddah & Friends
19 Sept | 15:00 | 120mins | €10

An interactive and experimental social exercise, the experience aims to (re)build and (re)define what it means to be Irish today by harnessing the power of dialogue. 

A darkened stage set, with a mic and wooden pieces scattered about, text is projected in light at the back of the set: ‘The Audience: As the lights rise. The city hums with the sound of work’.

Nathan Ellis presents
19-23 Sept | 18:15 | 60mins
€15 / €13

This is a show about work. But the worker isn’t here, so it’s down to you. You will be your own boss. You will be free. This is a show performed entirely by the audience about the gig economy, financial instability, and bullshit jobs.

Comedian David O’Doherty standing in tall grasses with a keyboard.

David O’Doherty presents
Tiny Piano Man
19 – 23 Sept, 21:00 | 23 Sept, 13:00 | 60mins
€14 Preview | €18 / €16

The disheveled prince of €10 eBay keyboards tries to make you feel alive with a new pageant of laughter, song and occasionally getting up from a chair. It’s gonna be a big one.

A woman with a cigarette clamped in her mouth and wearing a neck brace and a resolute expression crawls on the road in front of a car.

Hannah Mamalis presents
20-23 Sept, 21:15 | 22 & 23 Sept, 13:15
55mins | €11 Preview | €15/€13

We are all in the gutters. We’ve been here for a while and we’ve been waiting for you. From Spirit of Wit Award Winner (2019), Hannah Mamalis returns with a host of sketch-like characters that uneasily inhabit our world.

Chris Owen is lifting Dan Daw from behind, who is facing out towards the camera. Both are topless. Dan has tattoos down the whole of his right arm and torso. He has a ginger shaved head and a goatee. Chris has a hand splayed across Dan’s throat, his face hidden behind his back.

Dan Daw Creative Projects presents
The Dan Daw Show
22 & 23 Sept | 18:15 | 90mins (No Interval)
€18 / €16

Taking ownership of the beautiful mess that encompasses all that he is, Dan lets go of who he once was to make room for who he wants to be.

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