16-28 May 2023

Dublin Dance Festival 2023 Edition

Tickets: €15-22 (+ €1 booking fee)

Let go. Take Heart. Begin again.

Discover dance from world-renowned artists with Dublin Dance Festival’s 2023 Edition this May. Dance that invites us to be open and courageous, to celebrate love and our shared humanity, and to reconnect with ourselves and the world around us.

A colour photo of five dancers all wearing neutral color unitards, standing in a vertical line with matching poses. The background is black.

Compagnie Catherine Gaudet (Canada) presents The Pretty Things
17-18 May | 19:30 (55 mins)
Tickets: €22/18 (+ €1 booking fee)

In this critically acclaimed dance work, award-winning Canadian choreographer Catherine Gaudet brings us on a journey from naivety and conformity to liberation and power. Find out more.

A colour landscape photo of a white man with brown hair. He is wearing a blue checkered shirt. His head planted against a mirror, looking downwards. His reflection faces him. There is the vague, unfocused image of a cityscape outside a bright window behind him.

The Archivist presents The Prometheus Project
17-20 May | 4.30pm, 5.30pm & 6:30pm Daily (35mins) | Tickets €15/12 (+ €1 booking fee)

The Prometheus Project, by award-winning Irish choreographer and DDF Artist in Residence Luke Murphy, is a series of five distinct but interconnected performance installations, which will be developed and presented over three years.  Find out more.

A colour photograph of a dancer on a stage with a black background. In the foreground, there's a plastic sheet balled up in a mound. The dancer stands in the background behind this on one leg, with their other leg positioned upward, their thigh a straight line towards the ceiling with their knee bent and toes pointed down at the floor. Their chest is facing the back wall, with one shoulder towards the ceiling, and their other shoulder and arm reaching down in paralel with their planted leg. They are looking down towards their hand. They wear loose brown clothing.

 Liz Roche Company presents Yes and Yes
20-21 May | 19:30 (70 mins)
Tickets: €22/18 (+ €1 booking fee)

Marking 100 years since its first publication, Yes and Yes is a contemporary response to one of the most important works of modern literature, James Joyce’s Ulysses. Yes and Yes comes to Dublin Dance Festival following sold out performances in Washington D.C, Philadelphia and Ireland. Find out more.

Two young white women together closely; we see their bodies from the shoulders up. One has a short black pixie cut and the other has a brunette bob cut. They are both sitting with their eyes close wearing black shirts with one red heart each over their chests.

Pan Pan presents The Sudden
24-25 May | 19:30 (60 mins)
Tickets: €22/18 (+ €1 booking fee)

Exploring everything in reverse, The Sudden starts with a closing night party. By all accounts, it hasn’t gone well. The cast of dancers use the audience to put together the final scene – the missing piece of the puzzle. Find out more.

A white man wearing metallic silver pants with a tie-dye shirt standing in front of LED lights that spell ‘Sei Morto Perche Potessi Vivere E Dinvare’

Marco D’Agostin presents Best Regards
26-27 May | 19:30 (60 mins)
Tickets: €22/18 (+ €1 booking fee)

Best Regards, by Italian dancer and choreographer Marco D’Agostin, is a touching tribute to his late mentor. It’s a letter written to someone who will never answer. A dance in the shadow (or light) of Charnock – pioneering performer and co-founder of British dance company, DV8 Physical Theatre. Find out more.


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Dublin Dance Festival is proudly supported by the Arts Council and Dublin City Council.

Project Arts Centre is proudly supported by The Arts Council and Dublin City Council.

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