Theatre / 19-22 September 2018

Drip Feed by Karen Cogan

Tickets: 16/14
Show Time: 6.15pm

Matinee: 3.30pm, 22 Sept
Cork. 1998. Brenda and her best pal are part of the city’s furniture. Dancing on tables and 3am breakfast rolls. But what if you wake up hungover and broken on the wrong person’s doorstep, realise you’ve got it wrong, all wrong, and it might just be too late? Shortlisted for Soho Theatre’s biennial Verity Bargate Award comes this blistering new play from Stewart Parker Trust Award winner Karen Cogan, a fast, infectiously dark comedy about the messiness of being youngish, female and queer in Ireland.
Written and performed by Karen Cogan, directed by Oonagh Murphy.


Duration: 60 mins
Contains the use of strobe lighting.

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