Croí Glan


Double Bill: 'Visible and Invisible' and 'Too' 

Dates: 25 Oct - 26 Oct

Show Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: €14-16

Croi Glan, Ireland’s leading Integrated Dance Company presents an evening of two brand new, contrasting duets that celebrate diverse dancing bodies.  

Visible and Invisible, choreographed by John Scott for Croi Glan Co-Artistic Director, Linda Fearon and guest performer Rebecca Reilly is accompanied by a new music commission from composer Tom Lane, based on Latin plainchant. Rooted in the complementary physicalities and rapport of the two dancers, and their impetus to move and then rest and then move again as they assist and support each other, ‘Visible and Invisible’ is a physical and aural narrative of travel, migration and change.  

The second work in the programmeToo, is choreographed by Croi Glan Co-Artistic Director Tara Brandel, for herself and Linda Fearon and asks how are we treated as female dancers? What are our experiences? How is difference navigated? What does it mean to be seen? And who are we dancing for? Drawing on the personal experiences of the two women and the reflections of a wider group of female dancers, this brave new duet delves into the deep and complex territory of gender experience.  

Funded by an Arts Council Dance Project Award and created with the support of Dance Ireland, Firkin Crane and Uillinn, West Cork Arts Centre. 

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Co-Artistic Directors: Tara Brandel and Linda Fearon
Choreographer: John Scott (Visible and Invisible)
Choreographer: Tara Brandel (Too)
Composer: Tom Lane (Visible and Invisible)
Lighting Design: Sarah Jane Shiels
Performers: Linda Fearon, Rebecca Reilly, Tara Brandel

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