Dance / Theatre / 15-19 September 2015


Tickets: 10 - €12
Show Time: 2.00pm

Dates: 16 – 19 September
Preview: 15 September

Drawing Crosses on a Dusty Windowpane

Drawing Crosses On A Dusty Window Pane - Dylan Coburn Gray - Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival - Theatre at Project Arts Centre, Dublin
I am going to stand up and talk to you about loss.
It’s sort of a play, sort of a spoken word poem, but definitely made out of memories and questions.
Things like: Were you happy? Were you lonely? If you were young today, rather than then, would you be more happy and less lonely? Would you feel safer telling people who and what you are? When someone’s gone, you can’t know these things. But you can ask yourself, and you do ask yourself…
Performed by Claire Galvin

Folds of the Crane

Folds of the Crane - Justine Cooper - Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival - Dance at Project Arts Centre, Dublin
“60 degrees north. 100 degrees east. In the psychic black, I know you from before I’m sure, I’m sure, I’m sure, I’m sure…”
A cinematic, movement-theatre piece inspired by black holes, flick books and multiplicities of the self.
Drawn by light and coloured by sound through the window of the body – a feeling of moving whilst standing still.

Double-bill running time: 50 min

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