01-02 August 2008


Tickets: 7

Unseen interviews, out-takes and close-up footage of Derek Jarman at work make this film something of a revelation. Even for those already familiar with Jarman’s films, there is so much newly available or rarely seen material here, including family home movies and exquisite film scrapbooks, that it amounts to a fresh and fascinating re-examination of Jarman’s legacy. With direction by Jarman’s contemporary Isaac Julien and narration by his close friend Tilda Swinton, it will be hard to find a more intimate and inspiring portrait of one of the great poetic directors of British cinema. Derek is part of the GAZE Queer Heroes strand. The 16th Dublin International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival One of the strongest showcases of new LGBT cinema in Europe, the Dublin International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival provides a great focal point to meet, discuss and enjoy great queer cinema from home and around the world.

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