01 January - 24 April 2007


Tickets: 7

An evening of music, theatre, poetry and technology combined as you have never seen before

7PM Salt Itinerary multimedia opera transcending musical and theatrical conventions

9PM Smith Quartet Portuguese music for string quartet and electronics

Salt Itinerary

Reflecting on art and madness, it revolves around language – words as meaning and words as sound. Both are used as an extension of the body and melted into the staging as a projection of the resonance of the words through sound and image. Real-time audio and video processing / diffusion of the voice, poetry, gestures, music and drawing creates a harmony of senses and a counterpoint of meanings. Melding sounds, lights, pictures and movements as if being drawn, painted or carved, Salt Itinerary is a powerful, engaging and challenging combination of music and drama by one performer that breaks new ground in electronic music and re-shapes the boundaries between music, theatre and opera. [Salt: essence and savour. Itinerary: the search. Salt: the burning whiteness of a clarity that blinds. Itinerary: the path of the poet. Salt: the person. Itinerary: the image…]

The Smith Quartet

For over a decade The Smith Quartet has been at the cutting edge of world contemporary music, establishing an international reputation for its dynamic and original performances. The four have toured extensively in Europe and the UK as well as North and South America, South-East Asia and Japan. They are regular broadcasters with the BBC and have recorded to disc works by some of the most exciting young composers writing today. Choosing both modern classics and the work of emerging artists, the Smith Quartet has dedicated itself to bringing this music to new and traditional audiences worldwide.

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